It is with heavy heart and after much consideration that we are announcing that we must cancel the Colonial Sports Medicine Camp for 2018 due to low enrollment.  In the past, we have had as many as 96 participants, but usually average around 70-80.  For the last few years, our enrollment has trended downward, mirroring that of other residential camps on our campus.  To date, we only have 22 participants registered, which is half of the enrollment at the same time last year and a third of the total enrollment we had when we started camp in 2017.

Certainly, the decision to cancel is partly driven by the finances—we have to generate registration income to pay for the dorms, the facilities, the food, the materials, and the instructors.  At this enrollment at this time, it will be impossible to make ends meet.  However, another big factor in our decision was our concern about delivering a quality experience for our campers, as we have worked to do since our first camp in 1983.  Our curriculum is designed around lectures, practical, hands-on activities and skill-based competitions, for which we divide the normally 70-80 participants into groups of 8-10.   We’d have to redesign the camp, and we wouldn’t know for sure if it would work for our campers.

To those who have registered for camp already, we’ll begin the process of refunding your payments to you.  The funds will go back on the credit card you used to register for camp and will include both the registration fee and the credit card convenience fee.  We appreciate your interest in our camp and we’re very sorry that we have to cancel.  As soon as we determined that our camp was no longer sustainable, we wanted to let you know as soon as possible in the event that you could make alternative plans. 

To those who attended camp last year and planned to return, we thank you for spending time with us last summer and hope that you are continuing to learn and follow the path to a sports medicine career.

To those supervising athletic trainers who have sent us your students over the year, we appreciate your support.  It has been our pleasure to work with your students and see how excited they are when they leave camp to come back to school and show you what they have learned.  At this time, we do not anticipate holding the camp in future years.

Again, we’re very sorry to have to make this decision.  We appreciate your understanding. 

There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back soon!