Barefoot Basketball - 25 Years of ~ ENERGY ~ PASSION ~ LOVE ~

CAMP Dates:
Barefoot at the Beach ~ Full Team Camp ~ June 18th - 20th @ The Trask and UNCW Campus
Barefoot Elite Camp ~ June 21st @ The Trask
Barefoot FUNdamental Camp ~ June 29th - July 1st @ The Trask
Barefoot FUNdamental Camp ~ August 1st ~ @ Carolina Beach
Barefoot Elite Camp ~ August 8th @ The Trask 
Barefoot Shooting Camp ~ August 9th @ The Trask 


My Philosophy

To always make a positive impact. Our overall goal is to:

  • Enhance and improve overall skills and fundamental development of the game.
  • Broaden your knowledge on what it takes to get to the next level
  • Have a great experience with our camps, accommodate your needs and and leave you feeling excited about your future.

    I LOVE to teach and reach everyday and I want to inspire you to be your BEST!! COME FEEL THE ENERGY and SET UP YOUR GAME WITH US!

    Success leaves footprints

    Camps are open to any and all participants... see camp details for limitations on age/grade and gender

There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back soon!