Refund Policy

No refunds will be given for our events/clinics.

What do I wear to the clinic?

Wear what you typically would wear for you cheerleading practice. If you are 12th grade or older, we suggest wearing a black top and bottom so you can know if it would be suitable for tryouts or not, but it isn't mandatory!

Wear what you typically wear for a dance practice or class (no leotards or tights) while also bringing Jazz Shoes/twylas, and tennis shoes! If you are thinking of auditioning, you are more than welcome to bring your potential audition wear to see if it would be suitable to wear!

Are parents allowed to attend to stay and watch?

Yes! Our fall clinic is held inside of the Physical Education Building (PEB 144). We will provide chairs to sit in, but you are welcome to bring your own as long as they don't scratch our floor.

Depending on numbers it may get a little cramped because we're in a dance studio rather than a gym. We will make that call at the beginning of each open practice.

Regarding the cheer clinic, I have stunting experience. Can I try harder skills?

If you are experienced at coed stunting, we offer the ability to work more elite skills provided you can show solid form and technioque on a FULL UP TO LIB. Please note that elite skills are often timing based and you may, or may not, be able to accomplish skills with different individuals that who you stunt with on a regular basis.

For cheer clinics, do I need to bring a stunting partner?

No. This clinic is geared for non-WSU team members to work and/or stunt with current WSU Cheerleaders to learn technique and get an opportunity to be recruited ahead of tryouts for the 2018-19 WSU Cheer squad or beyond. However, we will assist any partners who come to work together and learn new skills.

Do WSU Cheerleaders and WSU Crimson Girls receive scholarship?

Like most programs, WSU offers a limited scholarship amount of $250 per semester for each member of the squad. However, there are no additional out-of-pocket costs for WSU Cheerleaders/Crimson Girls to be a part of the team.

Is food provided to cheer or dance clinics?

No food is provided at our clinic, but there are vending machines located nearby. Gatorade and water will be provided, but food is not allowed on the court.

Will there be any first aid responder or athletic trainer present?

Yes. WSU Cheer has a full-time designated athletic trainer. We do suggest that you come prepared on your own if you requre taped wrists, ankles, etc. to perform cheer-related skills.

Yes. WSU Dance has a full-time designated athletic trainer.