Where will the campers stay during camp?

All campers will reside in Winthrop on-campus residence halls (Phelps, Thomson, or Richardson Halls) for the duration of camp. Campers MUST provide their own: PILLOW, BLANKET, BED LINEN, and TOWELS. The beds in the residence halls are extra long twin beds (80" x 36"). They require extra long twin sheets. You will want to bring a container or bag to carry accessories to and from the bathroom. A large, seal-able plastic bag for dirty clothes is suggested. The dormitories are air-conditioned so you will not need to bring a fan.

You will be assigned a roommate at registration if you have not already requested one. There are 2 people to a room and every camper will always have their own bed.

Will there be a fridge or tv in the dorm?

No. There are no refrigerators available for summer camps in the dorms. Televisions are available in the main floor common area.

Items prohibited in the residence halls?

You should leave candles, "George Foreman" type grills, and other open plate heating devices at home because they are prohibited on campus.

ALCOHOL, TOBACCO ITEMS, SMOKELESS/E-CIGARRETES, and any ILLEGAL DRUGS are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Should a camper be found with any of these items, they will immediately be dismissed from camp.

How are the camps supervised?

Staff members reside in the dorms with the campers. Each counselor’s room is easily identified. Trainers and Camp administrators also readily available should a camper need emergency access to medical assistance, phone, etc. Discipline problems (curfews, rules & regulations) are handled by calling the parent immediately, no matter the hour!

Where will campers eat?

All meals will be provided in either a dining hall, in the common area of their residence hall, or the Winthrop Coliseum.

Can a friend or family member in town pick-up a camper to go out to eat, to visit, or upon departure from camp?

NO! Campers may only be released to their parent or guardian. Family, friends, etc may observe any camp sessions at the volleyball courts. No one is permitted to leave the volleyball camp premises (courts or dorm) until the closing ceremony on the last day of camp.

What should be packed?

Comfortable workout clothes, plenty of T-shirts (at least 3 per day), shorts, socks. It will be warm in July and you will be working hard. Volleyball shoes or sneakers/running shoes/tennis shoes; kneepads; underclothing, sleepwear, bed linens, pillow, toiletries, towels, casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes or sandals, and a rain jacket. Keep all jewelry, watches, valuables at home!

Is there a camp store?

We have a volleyball camp store open between all sessions which will have volleyball gear, equipment, balls, drinks, pizza after the evening session, etc.

Does a camper need additional spending money?

You may want to bring additional spending money for ordering snacks, pizza, soda pop, or shopping at the camp store.