Camp Rules

Thank you for choosing Wingate Cross Country Camp! 

Rules for Campers:

  1. Wingate Cross Country Camp has a zero tolerance policy on any drug, tobacco, alcohol, or vaping use.  Any camper caught using any of those will be immediately removed from camp and there will be NO refund.
  2. Wingate Cross Country Camp and its staff will not tolerate any bullying, hazing or like behavior that endangers the health and well being of another camper.   
  3. Be on time to all camp activities.
  4. You must be in your rooms by 10:00pm, the front doors lock at 10.00pm, lights out at 11pm.
  5. No horse play in the rooms or in the hall ways.
  6. The staff rooms are clearly located on each floor marked staff. Please see them if you have any problems day or night.
  7. Stay out of other peoples rooms unless you are invited.
  8. Respect other people’s property and do not touch anything that is not yours.
  9. You are responsible for your own belongings; make sure you do not leave anything in the cafeteria or at the course over night.
  10. Camp assembly point is outside the dorm.
  11. You are responsible for any damages to the room and will be required to keep it in an orderly fashion. Trash bags will be provided for you.
  12. The staff is available 24hrs; please let them know if you are having any problems during the week.
  13. There will be a $75 fee for all lost keys, please take care of them.
  14. No horse play in or around the pool.
  15. At no time is anyone allowed off the campus perimeter.

Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in you being sent home with no refunds.

Rules for Parents:

You are welcome to join us anytime during the week. We do however ask that you adhere to the following guidelines in the interest of safety of our entire camp.
Please at no time take your child of campus with out first letting one of the staff coaches know ahead of time.
Please do not provide rides for your child or other children from practice to the dorms. Our staff will not leave practice until their entire group is in place and ready to return together, they may not know that you have left with your child.
Please at no time enter the dorm for any reason without the permission from a staff coach. The main staff room is located on the ground floor. Please understand that this is for the safety of our campers and that this is our number 1 priority. We realize that you may want to visit with your child we simply ask that you let us know before entering the dorm.