Where should I park?

General admission parking is free to the general public for all WCU Football Home games. Prospective Student-Athlete's and their guests are strongly encourage to park in the North Baseball Parking Lot (8-A), across the street from the Ramsey Center. A confirmation email will be sent on Friday afternoon instructing all guests where to go when they arrive on campus.

For more information, please visit http://www.catamountsports.com/Page.dbml?&PAGE_ID=7320&DB_OEM_ID=12100

What do I need to bring to the game?

Guests will be required to show proper identification in order to receive their complimentary admissions. It is strongly encouraged that all PSA's and guests bring their Driver's License, or another form of identification. Guests that do not provide proper ID at sign in will not receive their complimentary admissions.

What items are banned on gameday at E.J. Whitmire Stadium?

Alcoholic beverages
Baby seats/baby strollers
Bags of all types, except when used for medical needs.
Beach Balls, inflatable toys or laser pointers
Coolers, containers or ice chests
Explosives, guns, knives or weapons
Folding chairs or stools
Food and beverages
Noisemakers of any type (i.e. bells, horns, whistles, etc.)
Personal heaters
Re-Entry (per WCU policy)
Tobacco of any kind including e-cigarettes
Video cameras

Prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s car or discarded. Venue security reserves the right to search all items or further prohibit items not included above if deemed inappropriate or present a safety or security risk. Unlawful items are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession of such items is subject to arrest.

Who is a prospective student-athlete?

A prospective student-athlete or a prospect is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. A student who has not yet started ninth grade may become a prospect if Western Carolina University or a booster provided the student, their relatives, or friends with financial assistance or benefit that is not generally provided to other students. In addition, student-athletes enrolled in preparatory school or two-year colleges, or those who have officially drawn from a four-year school, are considered prospects.

Special Note: A prospect remains a prospect even after he/she has signed a National Letter of Intent or accepted an offer of admission or financial aid to attend Western Carolina University. A prospect becomes a current student-athlete only when he/she reports for preseason practice or the first day of fall classes, which ever occurs first.

What is an Unofficial Visit?

A prospect may visit a member institution’s campus at his or her own expense an unlimited number of
times. In addition, a prospect may make unofficial visits before his or her senior year in high school. During an unofficial visit, the institution may not pay any expenses or provide any entertainment except a maximum of three complimentary admissions to a campus athletics event in which the institution’s intercollegiate team practices or competes. A prospect on an unofficial visit may pay the actual cost of meals and eat with other prospects or enrolled student-athletes. A prospect may stay in an enrolled student-athlete’s dormitory room only if the prospect pays the regular institutional rate for such lodging. Special parking may not be arranged for an unofficial visit. Western Carolina University may provide the prospect with transportation only to view off-campus practice and competition sites and other institutional facilities (located within a 30-mile radius of Western Carolina's campus). Payment of any other transportation expenses is prohibited.