Fall 2018 Becoming a Keydet Camp (Grades 9-12)
November 04, 2018
General Information

The Becoming a Keydet Camp is a unique opportunity to step foot in the shoes of a VMI Keydet and experience a day in the life of our cadet-athletes. This camp is designed for a more hands on, individual camp with just the VMI Coaching staff, current and former players of the program, and other members of our administrative staff that help make VMI Baseball one of the best programs in the state of Virginia. By treating you as one of our cadet-athletes, this camp is much more than your average showcase camp and will be run as such. Practice and Team scrimmages will be run by Head Coach Jonathan Hadra just like it will be in the fall and spring seasons for our Keydets. Due to the lower number of spots available for this camp more attention and constructive instruction will be given to you throughout the day. Positional wise, we will go through our defensive and offensive programs just like if you were a Keydet. Pitching will be done with Pitching Coach Sam Roberts, Catchers will receive instruction from our Recruiting Coordinator Casey Dykes, Infielders will work will Coach Finwood, and Outfielders will be with Coach Hadra. Offense will be a combined instruction from Coach Hadra, Dykes, and Finwood.

Everything about the day will be a replication of a VMI lifestyle, from eating lunch in the mess hall, to sitting in a classroom, viewing in our new weight room, and walking around post on a campus tour. By giving you this experience we hope that you will better understand what it takes to not only be a Division 1 athlete and compete at our level, but also what it takes to become a cadet-athlete here at VMI. A view into their lives will only help you see that our cadet-athletes are a special breed and a lot of hard work and dedication has been put in for them to get to where they are now.

In the Becoming a Keydet Camp you are expected to act as if you are representing VMI Baseball and the Institute. This is a great opportunity for you and your families to peek into the lives of our cadet-athletes and we hope that this will be a great representation of the lifestyle here at VMI.

Registration will start at 8:30am. Lunch at Crozet Hall is paid for through the registration fee.

Refund Policy: If requested before October 22 a full refund will be provided.  If a refund is requested within a week of the first day of the camp then a refund will be provided minus the administrative fee.  A future camp credit can also be provided if requested. 


Gray-Minor Stadium

Fall 2018 Becoming a Keydet Camp (Grades 9-12)
Ages: 14 - 18
November 04, 2018 | Lexington, Virginia

Sun, November 04, 2018

350 Anderson drive
Lexington, Virginia 24450

14 - 18