Registration FAQs
  1. What does it cost to enter a team?
    Varsity team entry fees are $375 and JV / 9th grade team entry fees are $300 until March 31, 2017. All fees increase by $50 on April 1, 2017. 

  2. Why is the entry fee more for a varsity team than a JV / 9th grade team?
    Varsity teams are guaranteed a minimum of 6 games. The varsity division winner and runner-up will also receive t-shirts and trophies. JV / 9th grade teams are guaranteed 5 games and winners / runner-ups do NOT receive t-shirts or trophies. 

  3. Can I register a varsity and JV team for the same event?
    Yes, a coach may complete registration for all teams from the same school. However, each team will compete in a different division and will require it's own registration.

  4. Can I pay with a school check?
    Yes, select the 'Register and pay later' option and complete registration. The confirmation email will contain an invoice and address to mail the check.
    PLEASE NOTE: Your check must be received in our Indianapolis office before April 1st to receive the discount.

  5. What is 'parent registration'?
    The parent / guardian of each player is required to register his/her son and sign a participation waiver for EACH event in which he is competing. The parent will sign the waiver online during the parent registration process. Parent registration will begin on May 1st. 

  6. How do I know if all of my parents have completed 'parent registration'?
    Coaches will receive two automated emails prior to May 1st. The first email will contain registration instructions along with a direct link for you to send your parents. Parents will use the link to complete registration. The second email will contain an administrator link (which you will not share with parents) for coaches to monitor parent registrations and track their progress. 

  7. Is there a hard copy of the participation waiver?
    No, hard copies are not available. Each parent will sign the waiver electronically during the 'parent registration' which will begin on May 1st. 

  8. When will parent registration close?
    All parent registrations must be completed 1 week prior to the start of the event. Please contact USA Football 7on7 directly with questions about this process.