2019 June Skill Clinic
June 08, 2019
General Information
2019 June Skills Clinic  
Ages: 12-18
Time: 8:30AM Check-In;  3:20PM Pick-Up
Location: Rob Gym


Camp Description

Attack Clinic: This one day position specific clinic will work on becoming more dynamic and effective through improved arm mechanics, different shot types, and footwork. More specifically the following areas will be covered with hitters:

  • Approach footwork
  • Arm swing mechanics
  • Transition footwork and speed
  • Hitting cross/line
  • Hitting cross body
  • Blocking
  • Tips and roll shots
  • Attacking out of the middle
  • In system vs. out of system attacking
  • Back row attacks


Setting Clinic: This one day clinic position specific camp will be spent training the technical aspects of setting as well as introducing campers to a wide array of set types, proper footwork, and hand positioning. More specifically the following will be covered during the day:

  • Hand positioning and delivery
  • Footwork on and off the net
  • Setting long/short
  • Front/back setting
  • Setting the quick attack
  • Setting back row attacks
  • Jump setting


Libero Clinic: This one-day position specific camp focuses on passing and defensive techniques. Campers will be instructed on proper body positioning in order to improve mechanics and floor quickness. Coaches will also cover different types of serves, including float and spin serves. This camp is designed specifically for players who want to take their libero skills to the next level. More specifically the following will be worked on by liberos:

  • Forearm passing
  • Overhead passing
  • Digging
  • Base position and body setup
  • Platform mechanics
  • Standing float serve
  • Jump float serve
  • Jump spin serve



Intercollegiate Athletics Department

2019 June Skill Clinic
Ages: 12 - 18
June 08, 2019 | Santa Barbara, California

Sat, June 08, 2019

ICA Building #243
Santa Barbara, California 93106-5200

12 - 18