What time should I arrive?

The building will open at 9am.
The Main Entrance to Ferris Athletic Center is by the tennis courts, on the 'campus-side'.

Will you have an athletic trainer/medical staff at the clinic?

Yes. We will have a certified Athletic Trainer.
Our trainer will be available to tape ankles/wrists, etc if necessary.

What should I bring?

Volleyball sneakers, kneepads, a water bottle.
Wear whatever you would normally wear to play volleyball at your club or high school practice.

Can I shower after the clinic?

Yes! If you need to shower and change after the clinic, you can use our locker room. We will not provide a towel.

Can my parents stay and watch?

Absolutely. We will have the bleachers pulled out so that if someone wants to watch, they can.
We also have more comfortable chairs out in our main lobby.