Camp Rules

Attend all sessions – attendance will be taken every session
Be on time for and ready at the start of every session
If you are sick or injured you must still report to each session and contact a trainer immediately
You may not leave campus for any reason unless accompanied by an authorized member of our camp staff
You must be in the dorm by 10:30pm or immediately following the last camp session
You must be in your own room by 11:00pm for bed check
Any lost key is to be reported to a coach immediately. The fee for a lost key is $50.00
Shower after every session and wear clean gear, if you need to do laundry find the designated camp laundry facility
You will be dismissed from camp for any of the following;
1. Anything associated with hazing
2. Alcohol/drugs/tobacco
3. Missed sessions
4. Having unauthorized visitors in your dorm room
5. Having visitors of the opposite sex in your room
6. Being in the room of a camper of the opposite sex
7. If you are out of the dorm after 11:00pm
8. Disrespecting other campers/camp staff, other camper’s personal items, or camp facilities
Understand that everything you do while at Reinhardt University is a direct reflection of the Reinhardt University wrestling program, your school, parents and coaches. Please and thank you go a long way while you are at Reinhardt University.


Registration for camp are taken on a “first come, first served” basis to all paying campers. The registration deadline is one week prior to the start of a camp session. Visit the Discount section of this page to see if you are eligible for any, sibling, or early enrollment discounts. Register early, we will fill up fast!
For online registration, an online payment must be made to complete the registration process. To initiate the online registration process, follow the simple steps below;
1. Go to our camp home page on the Reinhardt Wrestling website and find our available camps. All registration and payments will be taken on this page.

It is our policy that all camp participants must provide proof of medical insurance. If you can not provide proof of a current medical insurance policy you can not attend any Reinhardt Wrestling Camps. A certified athletic trainer will on duty at all times. Because of the rigorous daily schedule, each camper is encouraged to come to camp in top physical condition. You will also fill out a waiver and release form in the registration process.


There will be two campers to a dorm room. Please list on the registration application campers who would like to room together. Please note that listing a roommate preference does not guarantee enrollment of the roommate in camp. We do our best to meet roommate requests but cannot guarantee you will room with the person you request. In the event that we are not able to accommodate your request, we will attempt to assign rooms so all campers are on the same floor and near each other. If no roommate preference is indicated, campers will be assigned a roommate. Campers are financially responsible for any damages they cause to their rooms or other university property.

What to Bring

Pillow, blanket, sheets (twin long), towels, shorts, t-shirts, running shoes, wrestling shoes and alarm clock. Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on campus. RU wrestling gear will be sold in our camp store during registration, check-out and throughout the week.

Will you have any camps in the fall?

Yes. Check our website after July 30 for our fall dates.