Head Coach
Shana Belden

Shana Belden is in her first year as the head coach of the PC Cheerleading team. She comes to Clinton after being an assistant coach at Shorter University in Georgia.

"I am very excited to be at PC and look forward to growing their program to be fully competitive very soon," said Belden.

Belden was a four-year cheerleader as a student, winning three national championships. The first two came at Shorter and she won her third title after transferring to the University of West Georgia. After earning her bachelor's degree in business management, Belden would return to Shorter and coach. While coaching there, she earned her Master's in business management.

"I am very impressed by the athletes and their dedication to the school and to the program," Belden said. "They have all given me a very warm welcome and I already feel at home here."