Friedman Diamond

The Northeastern baseball team has played its games in the same lot since 1925. The earliest Husky teams used the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds, which had been abandoned by the Red Sox in 1912. The long history of the seven acres on Kent Street starts with the lot as a park. In 1930, NU bought the lot. The field that the Huskies acquired was very different from the field that sits on Kent Street today. The baseball diamond was located in what is now the east endzone of Parsons Field. Houses lined the outfield, the Lawlor house in centerfield, as well as the Richards house in left, were reachable by a well-hit flyball.

In 1972, NU added turf to Parsons Field, and the baseball diamond had to be moved to its present location in the southern corner of the field. The new multisurface field's dimensions were set at the 330 feet to left and right and 400 in center.

Through the years the field has also hosted football, field hockey, soccer, women's lacrosse and track. The field is still used by teams from Brookline High School and by various Brookline summer leagues. The park has gone by various names during its history. During the YMCA ownership, it was referred to as the Huntington Field (for the Y's Huntington Prep School, not the Avenue). During its first 30 years under NU it was known first as the Kent Street Field, and later as the Northeastern University field. Since 1969, the grounds have honored Edward Parsons. The baseball field became known as Friedman Diamond in 1988.