Tennis Pavilion

Completed in the fall of 2006, the Marist Tennis Pavilion provides the first on-campus home to highly successfully men's and women's tennis programs.

The Marist Tennis Pavilion, located off Fulton Street on the East Campus, features eight regulation-sized courts, a center walkway and a pergola-covered spectator area. To provide the Marist tennis programs with a world-class surface, a Deco II surface was installed. Marist, the United States Military Academy and the United States Tennis Center in Queens, New York, host site of the U.S. Open, are the only tennis venues in the area that boast a Deco II surface.

The industry leader in sports lighting, Musco Incorporated, provides the lighting scheme for the pavilion. Musco's technology, Light Structure Green, provides an energy savings of more than 50 percent over a standard lighting system.

The Marist men's tennis squad recorded its first match at the Tennis Pavilion on September 27, 2006, against Siena with a 7-0 victory. The Marist women's tennis team played its first match at the facility on October 7, 2006, defeating Montreal 7-0.