Garland Athletic Field

The Gartland Athletic Field, also known as North Field, provides striking views of the Hudson River while serving as a core practice facility for both Marist intercollegiate and club teams.

Its 10 acres of turf are composed of a Kentucky bluegrass, rye and fescue mix situated on a sand and organic material base. An irrigation system installed in 1990 provides 85 sprinkler heads to help maintain this practice location.

Gartland Athletic Field is the competition site for the men’s and women’s club rugby teams. The Marist football team uses the site for the beginning of training camp each summer, and youth summer camps are held here.

Formerly the site of an amusement park, the Gartland Athletic Field is large enough to accommodate three team practices simultaneously and sees a diverse amount of activity. Events ranging from soccer and lacrosse practices to college special events and graduation week activities all occur on this multi-use field. The field is also occasionally used as a helicopter landing area for VIP guest arrivals on campus.