McCann Baseball Field

Built in 1991, the McCann Baseball Field has served as the home to Marist baseball since its dedication at the onset of the 1992 season. This venue, which brought Division I baseball to the Mid-Hudson Valley, was a project championed by longtime Marist Trustee John J. Gartland Jr. and the McCann Foundation.

The field is located directly next to the James J. McCann Recreation Center on the south end of campus. The ballpark features seating behind the backstop and along the third base line that can accommodate approximately 500 fans.

Significant renovations took place in the summer of 2011, which included the installation of a new warning track, fence, and scoreboard. The new fence was brought in closer to home plate, but McCann Field still plays as a strong pitchers’ park. The dimensions are 320 feet down the lines, 365 feet in the alleys, 377 feet to true left-center and right-center, and 390 feet to center. The fence measures eight feet high all the way around in fair territory, and a four-foot fence surrounds foul ground. The previous distances were 337 feet to left field, 377 feet in the power alleys, 414 to center and 330 to right.

The natural turf field, irrigated by 53 sprinkler heads, is composed of a bluegrass, rye and fescue mix and is rooted in a sand base. This sand base, along with the installed drain tile, provides superior drainage thus allowing very few Red Fox games to become rain-outs.

The field's location provides close proximity to home and visiting team locker rooms. The athletic training room and two indoor batting cages are likewise located just steps outside the field's gate, inside the McCann Center. An additional outdoor batting cage is located just beyond center field.

Renovations to the field also took place in 2007. The old backstop was also removed, and a new netting system was installed to provide less obtrusive views from behind home plate.

The inaugural game at McCann Baseball Field was played on March 29, 1992, and saw Marist defeat Fairleigh Dickinson by a score of 8-4. McCann Baseball Field was selected as the host facility for the 2005 Empire State Games baseball tournament, and also hosted a Fairfield-LeMoyne semifinal in the 2000 MAAC Baseball Tournament.