What’s the difference between a commuter and an overnight camper?

Commuters come from 9am-4pm. They will participate in all the skills and drills but DO NOT participate in the games at night. Commuters are given lunch only.

Overnight campers spend the night on campus. They participate in the skills and drills AND the night games. Overnight campers are given breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What does a typical day look like?

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Skills Emphasis—Station work

11:30 Lunch

1:00 Down Time/Optional Pool Time

2:00 Continued Skill Work and Games

3:00 Day Campers Depart

4:30 Dinner

6:00 Team Games

8:00 Down time/Swimming

9:00 Dorm Activities, Pizza (local pizza delivery, extra charge)

10:00 Lights Out

What do I bring?

Suitable practice attire including pants
Glove, cleats, knee pads, bat and helmet (please label all personal items)
Casual clothes: shorts, shirts, pants, etc.
Swimsuit (optional)
Linens: sleeping bag/sheets, pillow, towels
Toiletries, sunscreen, water bottle, fan
Spending money: $15-20
Cell phone

Do I need money?

Yes. One of the days at camp we will go to the Bear Necessity store so the girls can buy apparel. Overnight campers can also order food from surrounding dining establishments on certain nights if they choose.

Do we do any other activities?

Yes. The girls have the option to swim each day after lunch and before the afternoon session. They also go to the Bear Necessity store to do some shopping

What time is lights out?


Can I watch my kids play games?

Yes. Parents are welcome to come watch their daughters play. Our games start at 6pm and go until about 8pm. The games are held on both Kessock Field and Mahaney Diamond.

What time do I drop my daughter off and where?

Your daughter should be ready to go at 9am so getting there a little before 9am so she can get her cleats on and get ready for the day is best. She can be dropped off at Mahaney Diamond.

What time do I pick my daughter up and where?

You can pick your daughter up at Mahaney diamond at 4pm.

What do you do when it rains?

If it does rain we have the option to go to the dome.

If my daughter is an overnight camper can I take her off campus?

This is something that needs to be cleared by a staff member.

Can I request a roommate for my daughter?

Yes. You can request a roommate when you register for camp.

Can someone else pick up my daughter?

Someone else may pick up your daughter but a note will have to be given to a staff member prior to pick up.