Saturday Night Hits (Class II 6PM - 7:30PM Saturdays)
January 11, 2020 - February 01, 2020
General Information

This year's winter workouts will class based and this is our hitting class. 75-90 minutes of hitting instruction will be the key focus. Workouts will consist of hitting drills between the Mitchell Hitting Pavilion and Mahaney Dome. All aspects of hitting will be touched on from situational awareness to fundamentals of the swing. 

Week 1 (Concentration- Load and Gather)

 Mechanic work on Load and Gather

  • Wall drills, mirror drills (5-5:10)

Cage work (5:10-6)

  • Exit velocity measure

-       Wide base-two hand

-       Samurai tee Drill

-       Jump Backs

-       BP

 Week 2 (Concentration- Lower half/Separation)

 (Wall drills/mirror work)

 Upper and Lower half-talk

(Using the hip and knee and not the foot)

Cage Work

-       Wide base two hand

-       Low ball toss

-       Climb the ladder

-       BP- hit and runs

 Week 3(Concentration- Barrel Release)

 Upper half talk

Francisco Drill

Cage Work

-       Feet together

-       Top hand and bottom hand

-       High tee drill

-       BP- Base hit bunt

 Week 4 (Concentration- Producing in Game and Approach)

Approach talk- producing runners

Review of Load and Gather

Cage Work

-       Jump Backs

-       Hits game in dome

-       BP in dome


Participants have additional options that they are able to sign up for:
An additional hitting day will be offered. Arrangements can be made for a primary hitting night to be on Tuesday night instead of Saturday night. 

video analysis is being offered as well. Participants for video analysis will have a 3 week membership to the Maine Black Bears video analysis network. Each video participant will get video taken of him or her each hitting session and will then be analyzed and discusses within a 24 hour period. Each week, two analyses will be offered. 


Mahaney Dome and Mitchell Hitting Pavilion

Saturday Night Hits (Class II 6PM - 7:30PM Saturdays)
Ages: 9 - 16
January 11, 2020 - February 01, 2020 | Orono, Maine

Sat, January 11, 2020 - Sat, February 01, 2020

5745 mahaney clubhouse
Orono, Maine 04469

9 - 16