Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Session Topics: Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.:

1.          Long Term Effects of Concussions on Mental Health

Dr. Jody Russell PhD, LAT, ATC-undergraduate level

Manifestations of concussions due to chronic head traumas and the lasting effects (such as CTE).


2.          BMI and Eating Disorders (Bodpod/Exercise Physiology Lab)

Dr. Ashley Lesniak PhD, ACSM EP-C - undergraduate/graduate level

Using physiology equipment to diagnose eating disorders among athletes.


3.          Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Craig Gabel, MS, Clinical Mental Health Counselor - graduate level
Current treatment technique that improves awareness and mental state.


4.          Cadaver Tours

Dr. Dan Gales Ph.D - undergraduate/graduate level

Examining the anatomy and physiology of the human brain as it pertains to personality, moods, mental health, and reasoning.


5.          Knowing Your Athletes Using the PHQ-9 Form

Kerri Collier MS, LAT, ATC, CEIS - undergraduate/graduate level

Presenting a patient health questionnaire that aids Athletic Trainers in diagnosing possible mental health disorders among athletes.


6.          Sign Language for Athletic Training

Kellie Edwards MS, LAT, ATC- undergraduate level

Use of sign language in alleviating anxiety through better communication with deaf athletic community.


7.          Communications Skills 101-Dealing with an Athlete in Crisis

Dr. Kristen Vincenzes Ph.D, LPC, NCC, ACS and Dr. Ashley Pechek- undergraduate level

How to talk with an athlete going through extreme mental distress


8.          Insomnia and the Mental State of Athletes

Mr. Matt Barkley MS, LAT, ATC – graduate level

Using the Insomnia Severity Index relating sleep, athletic performance, and mental health.


9.       Court Cases Surrounding Concussions and Mental Health in Athletics

Dr. Peter Campbell J.D.- graduate level

Concussion issues in the court room.


10.  Young Professionals Presentation- undergraduate/graduate level

Title:  ‘Where do I go from here?’ Navigating the Career Path