Refund Policy

Your tuition, less a $50 nonrefundable registration fee, will be refunded without question if you cancel your enrollment prior to one week before the session. However, at any time after those respective dates, refunds (less the $50 nonrefundable registration fee) will be made for medical reasons only. Requests for refunds must be accompanied by a signed statement from your physician.
There will be a $25 service charge for ALL returned checks.


Florida Tech’s Snorkeling Camp is a lead-in to scuba diving, taught in a safe, educational and FUN environment.
This camp will teach the fundamentals of snorkeling, including emphasis on proper usage of mask, fins and snorkel. This will be accomplished through the use of a snorkeling workbook, underwater videos and repetitive pool sessions to improve basic skills. Such pool topics will include proper entries, mask clearing and equalization techniques, dolphin and flutter kicks, and whale and dolphin snorkel breathing methods. All skills will be intermingled with pool games to make learning fun. There will also be an introduction to basic first aid and environmental conservation.


It is imperative that you fit your child with the proper equipment. If you would like to purchase fins, a mask and/ or snorkel from Florida Tech, or if you have any questions regarding equipment, contact Pete Mazzone at 321-674-7209 or email pmazzone@fit.edu.


Basic snorkel skills

Professional staff

10:1 student/instructor ratios

Snorkel pool games to increase learning

pizza luncheon



Each child must come prepared for the first day of class with mask, fins and snorkel. We will be outside in the sun and it may be advisable for the child to use waterproof sun block and wear a T-shirt to prevent possible sunburn . We do sell snorkeling equipment and we can fit your child with the proper equipment. I you have a need to purchase equipment for your child or have any questions about our equipment, please call Coach Mazzone at 321-674-7209 to make sure that your child has equipment that is in working order and fits them properly.


The camp will be held at Southgate pool located on the Florida Tech campus.