Registration FAQ


What is the next step after I register my team(s)?
Coaches will receive two automated emails. The first email will contain registration instructions along with a direct link for you to send to your team.  Your team will then be instructed to register for the camp for $0, select the assigned team, complete general information, and sign a consent/waiver form.  The second email will contain an administrator link (which you will not share with your parents) for you to monitor which players on your team have registered and completed the registration process.

If I bring multiple teams from the same organization, how do I register them by TEAM NAME?
Be sure to differentiate all the teams you bring either by age (ex. 16U), color (Rebels Red), or any other way that your players can select the correct team that they are assigned too.

What is the coach's responsibility in the registering process?
To track to make sure each of the their players have completed the registration process. 

Can I register more than one team for a tournament?
Yes. We understand that a travel organization may enter more than 1 team in a tournament so we make that very easy for you to do with just one payment.

What methods of payment can I use to register my team(s)?
We prefer you utilize credit card that way you can instantly book your spot into one of our tournaments.

Do teams signup for more than one of your tournaments?
Yes.  We have a great deal of teams/organizations that like the events that we offer and attend multiple tournaments throughout the course of the year.

How do I know my payment was successful?
Immediately after you complete the payment process for your team(s) you will get a pop up message and a confirmation email receipt.


How do I register for a tournament?
Your coach will instruct you what tournament and date to register with on this website.  You will then click "Register Now" per the proper event.  You will then find your "Team Name" with that tab before you continue.  This will keep you and your teammates all together so your coach can see who has registered.

What is within the registration process?
You will select the proper team you will be playing for, complete a general information sheet, and sign a consent/waiver (parent if under 18).

Why is it free for me to register?
It appears like a no charge because your coach will be paying all at one time for your team.

Do I have to sign the consent/waiver form?
If under 18 we will ask for a parent to sign it.  In order to complete the registration process this must be done.  This is to protect you, your coach, and the tournament.

Who do I contact to see if I registered correctly and completed process?
Well first you will receive a confirmation prompt and email.  It is best that you contact your coach to check to see if you registered correctly.