What should I bring to camp?
  1. A notebook and writing utensil to take notes throughout the day.
  2. Warm and waterproof layers for the launch ride. Please make sure to check the weather before arriving, as the Charles River can be chilly in October!
  3. A water bottle and snacks. (A catered lunch will be provided.)
  4. Your coxswain recording “homework.”
  5. Activewear for the strength and mobility session. You should plan to wear this under your layers so you don’t have to change.
What if I don’t have an audio file to submit with my registration?

Take a recording at some point this fall before the clinic and send it to the camp email. You can submit a recording from a practice — you do not need to submit an actual race recording if you do not have one.

My parent/guardian is driving me to the clinic. Where should I get dropped off?

The easiest and safest option place for drop off is the Newell Boathouse parking lot (801 Soldiers Field, Boston). From there, you can walk across the Anderson Bridge to Weld Boathouse (971 Memorial Drive, Cambridge), where the clinic is taking place.

Please do NOT park at Newell Boathouse. There are limited spots which are reserved for the coaching staff.

I am driving to the clinic - where should I park?

Parking in and around Cambridge can be a challenge, so leave yourself plenty of time to find a spot and walk to Weld Boathouse. Here are a few options:

The Harvard Business School parking lot is a convenient (and probably the best!) option. It costs $19/day and is an 11-minute walk to Weld Boathouse


There are some metered spots around Harvard Square. Since the clinic is held on a holiday, these spots should not require payment.

There are several parking garages right in Harvard Square:


Please do NOT park at Newell Boathouse. There are limited spots which are reserved for the coaching staff.

Am I at the right boathouse?

There are two boathouses at Harvard: Weld Boathouse (971 Memorial Drive, Cambridge) and Newell Boathouse (801 Soldiers Field Road, Boston). The clinic will take place at Weld Boathouse.

I am taking the train to the clinic. How do I get to the boathouse from South Station?

GREAT IDEA! When you arrive at South Station, you can either:

  1. Take a taxi or Uber to Weld Boathouse (971 Memorial Drive, Cambridge).
  2. Take the MBTA subway: take the Red Line towards Alewife to Harvard Square (6 stops), and then walk down JFK Street to Weld Boathouse. The MBTA is pretty easy to navigate!