Is there a refund policy

A full refund minus processing fees will be given to campers if cancelling.

What physical skills tests will I be asked to perform at Prospect Day

Prospects will be asked to run a 40 yard dash, run a 5/10/5 shuttle drill and bench press a set weight for reps. Please alert the Bloomsburg staff the day of the event if you cannot participate in one or more of these physical skills tests.

Can Specialists (kicker/punter/long snapper) attend the Prospect Day

Specialists are welcome to attend. They may not be asked to do all of the physical skills tests as the other prospects and will have a slightly different schedule of events on an adjacent field in order to properly evaluate.

What parts of Bloomsburg University will we tour at Prospect Day

As part of the scheduled 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm event, we will be touring the outdoor and indoor football/athletic facilities on the Upper Campus of Bloomsburg University. We will also be offering an optional tour of the Lower Campus (academic buildings, residence halls, dining services, student union, etc.) that will start at 4:00 pm and last about an hour, leading up to check-in. Further instruction about the optional tour will be distributed to those registered and at a date closer to the event.

Do parents have to be present during the Youth Camp day

Parents are welcome to stay for all or part of the camp day's activities, but are not required to do so. Those that choose to stay will have access to rest rooms and there is plenty of seats (sun and shade) in and under the stadium. If you do not stay, we ask that your camper be picked up by 1:00 pm each day of the camp. The pick-up location is the same location as the daily check-in.

What refreshments and snacks are available at Youth Camp

Campers will have multiple breaks in the day and will be provided with both water and Gatorade. Each day there will be a snack at one of the breaks. These snacks have been mostly frozen ice cream/ice pop treats to refresh in the June weather. Campers may bring their own snacks to have during the breaks. If bringing snacks or drink, be sure to keep them in a marked container with the camper's name.

How are the campers grouped in Youth Camp

Campers will be grouped according to age and/or skill level. We may group two age groups together (ex. 6 & 7 years old), but will try not to group campers two years apart. If your camper is advanced or behind in development and would like to request a group change consideration, please alert the Bloomsburg staff at the event. There is no physical contact interaction drills in this camp. The only contact drills will involve the use of padded dummies and shields.

Can I still attend Youth Camp if I cannot attend all 3 days

You may still attend the camp even if you cannot attend all 3 days. Very little of the camp is designed to be progressive, meaning having done one thing before the next. Each camp day is slightly different in drills, games, etc. A day missed of camp will not set a camper back in anyway. Please alert the Bloomsburg staff if you plan to miss a day of the camp.

What amenities do the residences have at the HS Team Camp

Curb side parking

One camper per bedroom, Four bedrooms per apartment

Two bathrooms and showers per apartment

Air conditioning

Fully furnished (television not included)

Refrigerator/Freezer in each apartment (stoves are off limits)

Wifi is available (password will be provided)

What items do campers need to bring to HS Team Camp

Bed linens & pillow

Towel & toiletries (toilet paper provided)

Practice clothing gear for number of days practicing

Clothes and shoes to wear in the dining facility for meals

Football cleats & sneakers (in case of practicing indoors due to inclement weather)

Football helmet (shoulder pads are not allowed by the PIAA)

Practice jerseys (suggest bringing multiple if possible)

Spending money for food that will be available after evening practice sessions