How do I know if my camper has been accepted into Assumption Lacrosse Camp?

When you have successfully completed the online application and your credit card payment has been accepted, your will receive a confirmation email to the address you associate with your online account.

Does Assumption Lacrosse Camp provide scholarships or financial assistance?

Unfortunately, we are limited by NCAA regulations and are unable to provide financial assistance to our camp.

Do I need to bring a health form with me?

No, all required medical information is submitted during online registration. No other forms are needed at check-in.

What if my child gets injured?

A certified trainer will be on-site at all playing fields. Water and Gatorade will provided at each field.

What do I do if my child has an allergy, medication to take, or other medical condition ?

· The trainer will be available at check-in to discuss medical needs and collect any medications such as epi-pens and refrigerated prescriptions. It is at the parent discretion whether the trainer administers medication or it is the camper’s responsibility.

What is the cancellation policy?

Full payment is due at the time of online registration. $50 is completely non-refundable. As of two weeks prior to the start date of the showcase the player is registered for, the entire amount is non-refundable. The entire fee paid is non-refundable once the showcase the player is registered for begins. Including ANY early departures, partial attendance, or cancellations. Our refund policy is designed to minimize the impact to both parties in the event of a player's cancellation.