What is the inclement weather policy?

No matter what the weather forecast says (rain, wind, etc.), we ask that your group still come out to the course and wait to see if the weather improves. If there is a downpour and/or thunder and lightning, we will bring your group in from off the course. In the case of severe inclement weather, we will contact you at the number provided during registration participants. These courses of action will be determined by the Catering Director, Event Tournament Director and Golf Sales Manager.

What is the dress code?

Appropriate golf attire is requested of all guest. Shorts are permitted, but should be of Bermuda length. T-shirts, jean and denim are not permitted.

What format is the tournament?

We play a scramble style format.

What is a Pierre Pass?

Pierre pass – A Pierre pass consists of (1) 300 yard drive, (1) putting string and (1) mulligan per/participant, totally 4 attempts during the 18 hold round.

  • (1) 300 yard drive – the 300 yard drive is to be used only once during the 18 hole round. Please use your best judgement of where 300 yards would be from the tee box, when being used.

  • (1) putting string – the putting string is to be used on only one green during the 18 hole round. The putting string is to be used only once, during the 18 hole round, to move your putt, closer to the cup.

  • (1) mulligan per/participant – each participant in the foursome will have one opportunity to use a mulligan, during the 18 hole round. A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action.