What is the ratio of staff to campers?

We will always have a 10:1 instructor to camper ratio to insure each camper is getting quality instruction and positive reinforcement.

Will I receive a notification that I have been accepted into the camp?

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately following registration to the email listed on the registration form. If you haven't received a confirmation email, please email Camp Director, Nicole Razor. A letter will then be sent again to all registrants one week before camp starts!

Can I watch my daughter play?

You are welcome to attend any session of camp. There is spectator viewing available in the balcony of Abney Gym for parents and observers.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available for campers?

Unfortunately, no. We are limited by NCAA rules prohibiting us from offering individual based financial assistance to our camps.

Does my daughter need spending money?

Our camp store will be open daily so that campers can purchase candy, snacks, and water/Powerade. If they desire to have items from the camp store, then spending money is encouraged!

Is there a place for the campers to keep money at camp?

Yes each camper has the option to store their money in the "Camp Bank". We will collect money for your camper's camp bank at check-in. Your camper can access her bank envelope during games and free time when the camp store is open. In order to get her envelope, she will need to tell our camp bankers her name and birth date. The banker will then hand the camper the envelope. The camper will use whatever amount she needs, put their change in the envelope and return the envelope to the bank. The camp bank does not keep track of how much is spent, we only ensure that the money is kept safe and then is available to the campers when the camp store is open.

How are campers divided into teams for camps?

Upon arrival, campers are initially grouped by age. After assessment, they are placed in teams according to ability and skill level within their age bracket. Each team is comprised of 8-10 campers and one coach. This ensures optimum observation and development of each camper's technique.

Is there a refund policy?

Refunds will not be issued for non-medical cancellations. If a medical emergency refund is warranted, a statement from your doctor must accompany your written email request.

Refunds will not include processing fees

What is protocol if a camper gets hurt during camp hours?

During camp we will have an athletic trainer available at all times. He/she will assess the injury and if there is a serious emergency, the camper's emergency contact will be notified.