What is the GPS address that I need to enter in order to find the correct drop off location for camp?

909 East Calhoun St. - Big building out front with white columns. Abney Athletic Center

Will there be food/snacks provided during the camp?

Lunch will be provided in the cost of the camp. We will also have concessions that will be sold at least twice throughout the day that includes candy, powerades, waters, snacks.

How will my child pay for the camp concessions?

We usually have parents give us an amount to keep for their child to eat/drink concessions with. For example, the first day of camp - parents will give 5/10/15 dollars for their child to use towards concessions. We will hold that money for them and every time they purchase something we will mark it off. That way your child isn't having to carry the money around and then if there is any money leftover that your child didn't use, we always give it back at the end of camp.

What type of meal will be served for lunch?

We will provide Chick-Fil-A and Pizza. If we serve pizza on Monday, then Tuesday will be Chick-Fil-A, etc.