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External Program Assessment

Several athletic training education programs use the ACES Preparatory Workshop as an external evaluation of their curricula. If an institution sends 4 or more students to a workshop, we will send a report back to the program director that identifies the group's strengths and weaknesses based on the Practice Analysis Study. In this way, program directors can find out which topics they cover well and which topics might need further instruction in order to best prepare the students. Therefore, the ACES Preparatory Workshop can benefit the supervising athletic trainer, as well as the athletic training students that he or she supervises.

Our workshop is not designed to teach your students how to become athletic trainers in a weekend--they have had countless hours of classroom instruction and clinical experiences to prepare them to be athletic trainers. Rather, our workshop is designed to teach students to study more efficiently and to attack the exam with a systematic approach. Our workshop doesn't prepare them for the exam as much as it prepares them to prepare for the exam.

Hosting an ACES Preparatory Workshop

If you are interested in hosting an ACES Preparatory Workshop at your institution, please review the Host Site Requirements and email Andy Carter at to inquire about site requirements and possible dates.